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Video and Infrastructure

1.1 Live Streaming (LiveU)

As 4G/LTE network infrastructure growing ubiquity, SNG/ENG production is shifting towards mobile streaming which make the production easy and cost-efficient like never before. Our partner (LiveU) has the best in class product and technology that can answer all types of production needs.  Whether you are Mo-Jo (Mobile-Journalist)to stream from your mobile phone, Celebrity to stream from your Laptop, Stream direct to Facebook Live effortlessly, or more Professional News production with Back pack unit, or Live Major Event that need the high Bandwidth consumption.  We have all solutions for you.


1.2 Remote Production & Cross-Studio

Remote production (MultiDyne, TallyMan) is the hot topic for the Outside Broadcast recently.  It’s already proved that Broadcasters can save time and cost doing OB with big crews and lots of equipment. Utilizing Fiber Network, Control and Streaming technology altogether, we can meet all production needs and even more flexible.  Distance is not the barrier anymore, field-crews and station-crews can work together seamlessly.

Cross-Studio is another interesting idea for Broadcaster with many studios.  Customer can share Equipment (ex: Camera, CCU) or even whole control room. While studio being setup, the control room will be idle. Why not utilizing it?   With a good design, the operation will be flexible and completely seamless and efficient and no matter how many studios or control rooms, you can always matching independently.    This concept was considered as a redundant studio or control rooms as well.


1.3 Production Studio

 (Panasonic, SAM, Desisti, Hoist, Yamaha) – with our experience, we design to fit customer budget and requirement with leading brand.


1.4 Routing and Infrastructure



1.5 Newsroom


1.6 MCR & Integrated Playout


1.7 Test and Measurement


1.8 Network Management System